Tuesday, March 11, 2014

unapologetically you

I just watched a TED Talk (if you're not in tune, get there, they will change your life) entitled "A call to men" by Tony Porter in which he discussed the "man box" and what it means to be a "man," how it leads to objectification of and violence against women, and how we need to deconstruct and redefine this idea of "manhood." It prompted me to think of the larger, very much incorrect idea that one must adhere to preconceived social constructs, which in my opinion demonstrates weakness and insecurity. Personally, I'm in a place where I'm very comfortable with who I am and am far past the stage in my life in which I feel obligated to mold myself into someone that will appeal to my peers. In short, I am learning to love myself first and am happy with the person that I am becoming, on my own. I think that people who are 100%, unapologetically them are so beautiful, and I strive to do the same every day. I appreciate people who don't need to think the popular thought or share the popular opinion, who know that there is value in their own thoughts and beliefs. 

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