Saturday, February 11, 2012

School is bad for children

"And so, in this dull and ugly place, where nobody ever says anything very truthful, where everybody is playing a kind of role, as in a charade, where teachers are no more free to respond honestly to the students than the students are free to respond to the teachers or each other, where the air practically vibrates with suspicion and anxiety, the child learns to live in a daze, saving his energies for those small parts of his life that are too trivial for the adults to bother with, and thus remain his. It is a rare child who can come through his schooling with much left of his curiosity, his independence or his sense of his own dignity, competence and worth."
John Holt (School Is Bad for Children) 

Friday, January 6, 2012


Nate Marshall's winning piece, titled "Look!", from the 2008 Louder Than A Bomb competition in Chicago. I watched a documentary on the competition last night, and this poem had me speechless. Although I'm not the best poetry writer (I am improving, though), I really enjoy poetry and poetry slams and things like that. Watch won't regret it.